God's Dream

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Before the foundation of the world, God had a dream - of a family and a home. By His word, the earth was created and within it He laid a jewel of beauty, a garden, which would be a home for His family, a man and woman created in His own image and likeness.  And in the garden God rested in intimate fellowship with those He loved best.   

Until one day the enemy came and deceived Eve and then Adam and through their rebellion, sin was born.  And with sin, came fear, death, exile from their rightful home and worst of all, separation from the Father.

Yet none of this changed the dream in God’s heart.  Knowing the end from the beginning, He put into motion the plan for the restoration of His family so that He might once again dwell with them in His fullness.  First came the Law with its prescriptions to cover sin and instructions for a tabernacle, then for a temple that at the very least would allow the Father to dwell closer to His family. 

But these were only a shadow of the ultimate plan of redemption:  the Father would send His only-begotten Son to earth.  And Jesus, being in very nature God, would empty Himself of all strength and power and humble Himself in obedience to death on the cross.  As the one died for the many, the power of sin and death was destroyed and mankind was restored to intimate fellowship with God. Through His sacrifice, Jesus became the Chief Cornerstone of a new temple, a holy habitation, a dwelling place would be fashioned by God Himself from living stones – His sons and daughters.  And God’s family, knit together in divine unity and filled with His glory would become a great light, shining in the darkness like a beacon for all those who had lost their way home. 


Throughout the earth today God is raising up remnants of believers whose desire is not to fulfill a vision or build a ministry but to see His kingdom established on earth. They understand that God’s dream will not be realized through human wisdom or more initiative (good plans or programs) but only by submitting fully to the Headship of the Master Builder, so that He might have the freedom to build His Church, His way. 

Just as He did with faithful men and women of old, today God is inviting these surrendered remnants into journeys of faith with Him to fulfill specific assignments in the earth, each of which are like puzzle pieces in His master plan to bring all things into conformity with His will.  As He restores all things,  His unshakeable kingdom is being established and He is being exalted to His rightful place as King over one united body.

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